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Managed Chaos
Naresh Jain's Random Thoughts on Software Development and Adventure Sports
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Top 25 Blog Posts from Naresh Jain in 2012

Following were the most read blogs in 2012 on Managed Chaos:

  1. Upstream Connection Time Out Error in Nginx
  2. Setting up Tomcat Cluster for Session Replication
  3. Inverting the Testing Pyramid
  4. Simple Design
  5. Cannot create JDBC driver of class ” for connect URL ‘null’
  6. IMEI Unlock: Downgrade iPhone 3Gs baseband to 5.13.04 from 6.15.00
  7. Could not inspect JDBC autocommit mode
  8. Goodbye Simplicity; I’m Object Obsessed
  9. Enabling Multicast on your MacOS (*Unix)
  10. How to move CVS repository without losing history?
  11. How to Access Raw HTTP Headers in Chrome?
  12. he Window of Opportunity Phenomenon
  13. Deliberate Practice: The Expressway to becoming an Expert
  14. Single Assert Per Unit Test: Myth
  15. Benefits of Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  16. My Take on Services vs. Product Company
  17. OO Design Principles
  18. Naked Agile
  19. Hudson: Access Denied User is missing the Read permission
  20. Is your Scrum Master Effective?
  21. Importance of Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (TDD)
  22. Skills a good Product Owner should Master
  23. Story Points and Velocity: Recipe for Disaster
  24. Advantages of Part-time Coaching
  25. What Software Company should I join in India?

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