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Using AppleScript to Programmatically Crop Images

Create the following AppleScript using the AppleScript Editor

on run argv
  set the this_file to item 1 of argv
  set the vertical_crop to 20
  set the horizontal_crop to 30
  tell application "Image Events"
    set this_image to open this_file
    copy dimensions of this_image to {W, H}
    crop this_image to dimensions {W - horizontal_crop, H - vertical_crop}
    save this_image with icon
    close this_image
  end tell
end run

Compile and save the file as a script.

save script dialog

Now you are ready to run the script on your images:

naresh$ osascript crop_image.scpt /complete/path/to/image.ext


Before After
original image cropped image

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