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Agile India 2013 – Successful Registration Funnel

We launched the registration system on Oct 15 at 4:00 PM. Over the last 4 days, 99 tickets have been purchased. Following is the conversion funnel.

Conversion Funnel

Currently we are at 12.09% conversion. Looking at the funnel, do you have any suggestions of how we can improve this conversion? Ideally I would like to get to 20% conversion.

  • Siddharta

    This is pretty good. I’m surprised to see 100% on all steps after register. Usually there is a drop off at the payment step, and some people usually have credit card declines and so on. Getting 100% on all that is pretty amazing.

    • Sid, there was an issue with the way I had set up the funnel. Under the Match Type setting I had specified Exact Match instead of Head Match. Our payment failure page has url parameters and because of this setting we were not catching that in the google analytics. However every time there is a payment failure, I get an email about it. So far, we’ve had 7 payment failures, out of which 4 worked on retry and 3 did not work for different reasons like address mismatch and so on.

  • Interesting stuff, having just taken a look then I’d appear as a drop out too – sorry 🙂 If you just got a smaller number through the 1st step you’d have many more in the funnel, but otherwise I’d probably take a look at review thru register as that is the biggest drop in the funnel itself. Looking at your first page it’s all collapsed when you enter so it’s hard to see what’s on offer. What ever you do do, A to B testing is your friend so you can compare 1+ changes to the base line existing method to see what affect it has. The Steve Krug books are good (don’t make me think, etc) as the highlight how just changing the shape, colour or position of buttons can make a big difference too. Good luck.

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