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Pushing the Envelope in the Indian Health Care Industry

Everyday we hear horror stories about how the Indian Health Care industry is rotting. Silently behind these horror stories, there is a slow, but steady transformation/revolution taking place. People on the ground, with a real vision to change things are taking control. I’m really hoping tis growing social entrepreneurship takes over.

Let’s see why I sound so excited:

In the last 36 years, Arvind Eye Care has performed over 4 million eye surgeries in India. With their unique cross-subsidiary model, the poor in India are able to perform these operations and prevent their eye sight.

Jaipur Foot is another brilliant example.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Myshkin Ingawale. Myshkin’s company Biosense Technologies has developed an affordable, portable, device to diagnose and monitor anemia non-invasively.

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