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How to upgrade CMS Made Simple from 1.9.x.x to 1.10.x

Recently I had the “pleasure” of upgrading from CMSMS 1.9.3 to 1.10.3.

  • Downloaded the cmsmadesimple-1.10.3-full.tar.gz
  • Unzipped it overwriting some of the existing files from the older version (1.9.3) [tar -xvf cmsmadesimple-1.10.3-full.tar.gz -C my_existing_site_installation_folder]
  • Ran the upgrade script by opening

I was constantly getting stuck at step 3, it was complaining:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method cms_config :: save () in /install/lib/classes/CMSUpgradePage3.class.php on line 30

Digging around a little bit realized cms_config is no longer available.

Then tried downloading cmsmadesimple-

Luckily this time I was able to go past step 3 without any problem.

So now I was on version, but I wanted to get to 1.10.3. So

  • As per their advice, upgraded all my modules to the latest version
  • Downloaded cmsmadesimple-1.10.3-full.tar.gz,
  • Copied its contents
  • Tried to run the upgrade script.

Everything went fine, it even updated my database scheme to version 35 successfully. But then when I hit continue on step 6, it was stuck there for ever. Eventually came back with Internal Error 500. Looking at the log file, all I could see is

“2012/07/28 06:28:35 [error] 23816#0: *3319000 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream”

Turns out that in 1.10, the CMSMS dev team broke a whole bunch of backward compatibility. In Step 6 of the upgrade, it tries to upgrade and install installed modules. But during this process it just conks out.

Then I tried to uninstall all my modules and run the upgrade script. Abra-kadabra the upgrade went just fine.

  • Then I had to go in and install those modules again.
  • Also had to update most of the modules to the latest version which is compatible with 1.10.
  • And restore the data used by the modules.

Only had I known all of this, it could have saved me a few hours of my precious life.

P.S: Just when I finished all of this, I saw the CMSMS dev team released the latest stable version 1.11

  • Wrong steps you took there 😉

    a) Make sure you have backupb) make sure modules in use have 1.10.x or now 1.11 compatible releases (if a module is “stale” or wasn’t released for over a year, you most possibly had bad luck)c) if all modules are supported, download these, unpack and put them in /modules folder
    d) upload now whole package and run installer
    e) done.

  • Petros66

    PS was great!

    “Just when I finished, the latest stable version 1.11 was released…”

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