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The Ever-Expanding Agile and Lean Software Terminology

A Acceptance Criteria/Test, Automation, A/B Testing, Adaptive Planning, Appreciative inquiry
B Backlog, Business Value, Burndown, Big Visible Charts, Behavior Driven Development, Bugs, Build Monkey, Big Design Up Front (BDUF)
C Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Improvement, Celebration, Capacity Planning, Code Smells, Customer Development, Customer Collaboration, Code Coverage, Cyclomatic Complexity, Cycle Time, Collective Ownership, Cross functional Team, C3 (Complexity, Coverage and Churn), Critical Chain
D Definition of Done (DoD)/Doneness Criteria, Done Done, Daily Scrum, Deliverables, Dojos, Drum Buffer Rope
E Epic, Evolutionary Design, Energized Work, Exploratory Testing
F Flow, Fail-Fast, Feature Teams, Five Whys
G Grooming (Backlog) Meeting, Gemba
H Hungover Story
I Impediment, Iteration, Inspect and Adapt, Informative Workspace, Information radiator, Immunization test, IKIWISI (I’ll Know It When I See It)
J Just-in-time
K Kanban, Kaizen, Knowledge Workers
L Last responsible moment, Lead time, Lean Thinking
M Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Minimum Marketable Features, Mock Objects, Mistake Proofing, MOSCOW Priority, Mindfulness, Muda
N Non-functional Requirements, Non-value add
O Onsite customer, Opportunity Backlog, Organizational Transformation, Osmotic Communication
P Pivot, Product Discovery, Product Owner, Pair Programming, Planning Game, Potentially shippable product, Pull-based-planning, Predictability Paradox
Q Quality First, Queuing theory
R Refactoring, Retrospective, Reviews, Release Roadmap, Risk log, Root cause analysis
S Simplicity, Sprint, Story Points, Standup Meeting, Scrum Master, Sprint Backlog, Self-Organized Teams, Story Map, Sashimi, Sustainable pace, Set-based development, Service time, Spike, Stakeholder, Stop-the-line, Sprint Termination, Single Click Deploy, Systems Thinking, Single Minute Setup, Safe Fail Experimentation
T Technical Debt, Test Driven Development, Ten minute build, Theme, Tracer bullet, Task Board, Theory of Constraints, Throughput, Timeboxing, Testing Pyramid, Three-Sixty Review
U User Story, Unit Tests, Ubiquitous Language, User Centered Design
V Velocity, Value Stream Mapping, Vision Statement, Vanity metrics, Voice of the Customer, Visual controls
W Work in Progress (WIP), Whole Team, Working Software, War Room, Waste Elimination
X xUnit
Y YAGNI (You Aren’t Gonna Need It)
Z Zero Downtime Deployment, Zen Mind

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