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My Upcoming US Trip

No. Cities Reaching Departing
1 New York 8-April 7:55 AM 9-April afternoon drive to Malvern
2 Philadelphia 9-April 6:00 PM 11-April 12:13 am – Amtrack
Philadelphia (PHL) to Boston (BOS)
3 Boston 11-April 8:00 AM 12-April morning drive to Vermont
4 Vermont 12-April 8:00 AM 12-April evening drive back to Boston
5 Boston 12-April Late night 13-April morning drive to Niagara falls
6 Niagara Falls 13-April 11:00 AM 14-April evening drive back to Boston
7 Boston 15-April 10:00 PM SouthWest 621
Depart BOS at 16th April 04:25 PM
8 Salt Lake City 16-April 9:10 PM SouthWest 1174
Depart SLC at 19th April 03:40 PM
9 San Francisco 19-April 7:30 PM 21-April morning drive to Yosemite
10 Yosemite 21-April 5:00 AM 22-April Afternoon
11 San Francisco 22-April evening SouthWest 326
Depart SFO at 23rd April 11:10 AM
12 Denver 23-April 2:30 PM SouthWest 56
Departs DEN at 26th April 04:10 PM
13 Houston 26-April 7:35 PM UNITED 1029
Departs IAH at 29th April 1:46 PM
14 Tampa 29-April 4:50 PM 2-May morning drive to Orlando
15 Orlando 2-May morning 5-May evening drive back to Tampa
16 Tampa 5-May evening AirTrans 707
Departs TPA at 6-May 08:05 AM
17 Boston 6-May 1:01 PM 9-May morning drive to NYC
18 New York 9-May 8:20 AM Emirates Airlines (EK) 204
Departs from JFK at 9-May 11:20 AM
19 Dubai 10-May 7:50 AM Emirates Airlines (EK) 508
Departs from DXB at 13-May 4:10 PM
20 Mumbai 13-May 11:30 PM Live happily ever after…

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