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Issues on Upgrading to Latest Version of CMS Made Simple

I really like CMS Made Simple. Its pretty neat if you want to set up a website using a CMS software.

However, after being hacked last week, I just tried upgrading to the latest version (1.9.4) of CMS Made Simple. I was happy to see the upgrade script ran fine and everything seemed to work. However there were couple of things that were broken.

I’m documenting them here, hoping it might be useful to others.

1) The old config.php file contained the following property

#If you're using the internal pretty url mechanism or mod_rewrite, would you like to
#show urls in their hierarchy?  (ex.
$config['use_hierarchy'] = true;

However in the latest version, when they migrate the old version of config.php, this property is dropped.

Some plugins like Blogs Made Simple rely on this property for creating pretty URLs for RSS feeds.

2) We’ve written some code which looks up the current page id in the $gCms variable.

We had used the following code to figure out the page id:


However in the latest version of CMSMS this does not work. Instead had to change it to:


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