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5th Annual Simple Design and Testing Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA, Oct 29th to 31th 2010

I’m proud to announce the 5th Annual SDTConf. This year we plan to hold the conference in Otterbein University Campus Center, OH, USA.

We plan to keep a max cap of 100 participants for this conference.

As you might be aware SDTConf is a free conference and we use the concept of position papers as the price for admission. This helps us ensure the quality of the participants is really high. You can add your position papers for the conference on our wiki. Making the position papers public helps other participants gauge in advance what they can expect from the conference.

Last but not the least, since this is a community run, non-profit event, we really on sponsorship in kind to make this event possible. Here is a list of items that you or your company can sponsor to support this conference.

P.S: Please blog about this conference and/or send an email to your friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is the only way we market this event.

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