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Change WordPress Table Prefix using SQL Scripts

WP Security Scan Plugin suggests that wordpress users should rename the default wordpress table prefix of wp_ to something else. When I try to do so, I get the following error:

Your User which is used to access your WordPress Tables/Database, hasn’t enough rights( is missing ALTER-right) to alter your Tablestructure. Please visit the plugin documentation for more information. If you believe you have alter rights, please contact the plugin author for assistance.

Even though the database user has all the required permissions, I was not successful.

Then I stumbled across this blog which shows how to manually update the table prefix.

Inspired by this blog I came up with the following steps to change wordpress table prefix using SQL Scripts.

1- Take a backup

You are about to change your WordPress table structure, it’s recommend you take a backup first.

mysqldump -uuser_name -ppassword -h host db_name > dbname_backup_date.sql

2- Edit your wp-config.php file and change

$table_prefix = ‘wp_’;

to something like

$table_prefix = ‘your_prefix_’;

3- Change all your WordPress table names

$mysql -uuser_name -ppassword -h host db_name
RENAME TABLE wp_blc_filters TO your_prefix_blc_filters;
RENAME TABLE wp_blc_instances TO your_prefix_blc_instances;
RENAME TABLE wp_blc_links TO your_prefix_blc_links;
RENAME TABLE wp_blc_synch TO your_prefix_blc_synch;
RENAME TABLE wp_captcha_keys TO your_prefix_captcha_keys ;
RENAME TABLE wp_commentmeta TO your_prefix_commentmeta;
RENAME TABLE wp_comments TO your_prefix_comments ;
RENAME TABLE wp_links TO your_prefix_links;
RENAME TABLE wp_options TO your_prefix_options;
RENAME TABLE wp_postmeta TO your_prefix_postmeta ;
RENAME TABLE wp_posts TO your_prefix_posts;
RENAME TABLE wp_shorturls TO your_prefix_shorturls;
RENAME TABLE wp_sk2_logs TO your_prefix_sk2_logs ;
RENAME TABLE wp_sk2_spams TO your_prefix_sk2_spams;
RENAME TABLE wp_term_relationships TO your_prefix_term_relationships ;
RENAME TABLE wp_term_taxonomy TO your_prefix_term_taxonomy;
RENAME TABLE wp_terms TO your_prefix_terms;
RENAME TABLE wp_ts_favorites TO your_prefix_ts_favorites ;
RENAME TABLE wp_ts_mine TO your_prefix_ts_mine;
RENAME TABLE wp_tweetbacks TO your_prefix_tweetbacks ;
RENAME TABLE wp_usermeta TO your_prefix_usermeta ;
RENAME TABLE wp_users TO your_prefix_users;
RENAME TABLE wp_yarpp_keyword_cache TO your_prefix_yarpp_keyword_cache;
RENAME TABLE wp_yarpp_related_cache TO your_prefix_yarpp_related_cache;

4- Edit wp_options table

UPDATE your_prefix_options SET option_name='your_prefix_user_roles' WHERE option_name='wp_user_roles';

5- Edit wp_usermeta

UPDATE your_prefix_usermeta SET meta_key='your_prefix_autosave_draft_ids' WHERE meta_key='wp_autosave_draft_ids';                 
UPDATE your_prefix_usermeta SET meta_key='your_prefix_capabilities' WHERE meta_key='wp_capabilities';                       
UPDATE your_prefix_usermeta SET meta_key='your_prefix_dashboard_quick_press_last_post_id' WHERE meta_key='wp_dashboard_quick_press_last_post_id'; 
UPDATE your_prefix_usermeta SET meta_key='your_prefix_user-settings' WHERE meta_key='wp_user-settings';                      
UPDATE your_prefix_usermeta SET meta_key='your_prefix_user-settings-time' WHERE meta_key='wp_user-settings-time';                 
UPDATE your_prefix_usermeta SET meta_key='your_prefix_usersettings' WHERE meta_key='wp_usersettings';                       
UPDATE your_prefix_usermeta SET meta_key='your_prefix_usersettingstime' WHERE meta_key='wp_usersettingstime';

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