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I know TDD coz…

Just because you know the syntax of a programming language, does not mean you know programming

Just because a toddler can make some sounds, does not mean she can speak

Similarly, just because you write tests before you write code, does not mean you know TDD.

TDD is a lot more than test-first. IMHO, following concepts let’s you truly experience TDD:

  • Evolutionary Design,
  • Acceptance Criteria,
  • Simple Design,
  • System Metaphor,
  • Thin Slicing,
  • Walking Skeleton/Tracer Bullet and
  • Interaction Design

How long does it take a dev to be well-versed with TDD?

Depends on the dev, but atleast a couple of years of deliberate practice on projects

What can we do to become TDD Practitioners?

Start with deliberate practice in safe env. Then gradually start on your project.

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