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Want to Pair Program and Concerned about Productivity?

Often I find developers and managers who claim they understand the advantages of Pair Programming and are bought into the concept, but they are really concerned about loss of productivity.

This morning when I watched the following video, I thought, we could use this as an excellent example of what pairing can help you achieve.

My premise:

We are in the business of building software and this process requires craft and skill, rather than a series of manual steps. Programming requires lot of thinking, creating abstractions, figuring out the logic and trying out things. Its an evolutionary, iterative and collaborative process. Its a lot more than just typing code using the keyboard (or even worse, using the mouse).

If you resonate with the philosophy stated above, then you should be able to understand how pair programming can make it easier or more feasible to create master pieces that could be extremely difficult or rare for one individual to single-handedly create.

An introductory slide deck on Pair Programming:

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