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[ANN] 1st CodeChef TechTalks

I’m proud to announce the launch of CodeChef TechTalks. The first edition is:

  • 10th Sep -Thursday- Mumbai
  • 11th Sep -Firday- Hyderabad
  • 12th Sep -Saturday- Bangalore

CodeChef TechTalk is India’s premier invitation-only geek symposium. The purpose of CodeChef TechTalks is to promote technical education and knowledge sharing by making internationally renowned speakers accessible to the best software professionals in India.

Lisa Crispin, Owen Rogers and Bhavin Turakhia are currently the confirmed speakers for this TechTalk.

Visit for more details about the symposium and criteria to receive your invitation.

We are looking for sponsors to support us. We are also looking for companies in Bangalore and Hyderabad to host this event. More details:

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