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4th Annual Emerging Technologies Conference

Folks at Chariot are back with the 4th Annual Emerging Technology conference. Come and discover what’s new and what’s next in enterprise technologies.

The 4th Annual Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference is fast approaching. Register today to be a part of the premier event for agilists, developers, architects, and IT executives. Subjects as expansive and intricate as emerging technology and Open Source require a dynamic forum. This conference provides just that, with industry experts providing up-to-the-minute insight. ETE 2009 brings together pioneers across the spectrum to discuss the principles, practices, and products that are transforming IT’s ability to drive the success of the enterprise.

Keynote Speakers are:

Michael Tiemann, Vice President of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat and
Andy Hunt, Co-Founder of Pragmatic Programmers

Full list of Speakers.

ETE 2009 features expanded content for both a technical and an IT executive audience.

  • Gather insight from Agile thought leaders on the future of Agile.
  • Listen to industry experts speak on a wide range of application frameworks and platforms, such as Spring, OSGi, Groovy/Grails, Seam and more
  • Access case studies on how new technologies are both lowering costs and driving business growth.
  • Discover and discuss technologies such as Cloud Computing, SOA and Integration, Rich Internet Applications such as Flex and AJAX technologies, that are driving enterprise IT architectures and transforming business operations.

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