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Amazed at the images of people my mind built up

For two years I worked on a project without seeing any of my counterparts on the other side of the globe. We used to have long phone/IM conversations. We used to share photos and discuss our hobbies. Isn‘t it obvious for the mind to draw an image of the person based on these various interactions? Well, my mind did so.

Once these images were built up, I started interacting with these images. Everything seemed to be going well. And, all of a sudden one day, I happened to travel to the other side of the globe and see these images turn into reality.

Well, I must admit that the images I had were quite different from the actual people. It took me sometime to actually realize that I was communicating with the real person and not their images.

I‘m really amazed how the mind builds up these images. The kind of minute details it remembers and associated with these images is beyond my reasoning.

Happy tripping!

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